Monday, 17 April 2017


Ono Itto Ryu

Yamaoka Tessshu

Do not speak of others faults;
do not boast about yourself;
never expect anything for services rendered;
never forget kindnesses received.

No-enemy - You have arrived

Mu-to >  no -sword.

The Correct transmission of the ancients.

Using thought to analyse reality is illusion
If Preoccupied with victory and defeat, all will be lost.
The secret of swordsmanship?
Lightning slashes  the spring wind

Basic training:
Uchi-komi: "attack training"  for at least 3 years."Wood cutting" - makes you strong and stable.

Advanced træning:
Seigan: Continuously multi-attack. Tachi-kiri.
Over periods of hours, days or week -

1st day: Nake making 1400 exercises, with 10 uke.

Are you slacking off? You must try harder!

2nd and 3 days harder!

Are You ready?  Sensei say - Stop - when he see that you are was done. The secret is that the mind has no limits.

Practices the first katas for at least 3 years.

Nakano was suggested by Tesshu to make seppuku (ritual suicide)  as that was the only honorable alternative. When he was ready to so so, Tesshu yelled, "Waite! Since you have made the necessary preparations, I'll hold your life in trust for a while".

KATSUJIN-KEN - The life giving sword.



licenced to teach 

You may now bay the book -

Friday, 16 March 2012

Yagyu Shinkage

M. Ueshiba, sensei 
Founder of Aikido                                         M. Yoshitak, sensei                                                                                        

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Monday, 28 March 2011

Tetsuzan Kuroda, Soke

En Koryu, som er båret videre gennem genarationer fra far til søn.
T. Kuroda har selvsagt kun meget få Dojos. Ingen er tilladt at træne hans teknikker, med mindre man er tilknyttet en af hans dojo. Lige som Dojo snesi ikke må træne andet end hvad Kuroda Soke underviser i. Kuroda Soke, antager ikke flere elever.

Nishio Sensei -

After 7 years he reworded me whit Shodan. The Iaito work are in the tradition of what he gave me. However when I came to a deeper understanding of Koryu - The old way - I left the black belt principle in my Iaido. People are free to dress with Gi, Hagama and Obi acording to there own Minuki. The work I am doing are named Shin iai do - and the place for praxis Munjo Dojo.